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Professor Julie Meeks Gardner

Julie Meeks Gardner is Professor of Child Development and Nutrition, Head of the Caribbean Child Development Centre, and Director of the Consortium for Social Development and Research of the University of the West Indies, Open Campus. Her work has focused on child development and behaviour of children in difficult circumstances. She carried out longitudinal observations of stunted children and examined their behavioural responses to nutritional supplementation and psychosocial stimulation, including interactions with their caregivers, other adults and children. She has studied the multiplicative effects of lead coupled with undernutrition, and the benefits of zinc supplementation on the growth, morbidity and development of undernourished children. More recently Prof. Meeks has focused on issues of children and violence, including the developmental trajectory of aggression and violence among children in a developing country, the effects of violence on child development, and assessing interventions which benefit aggressive behaviour. The Centre has also started a program of research related to the psychosocial effects of HIV. Prof. Meeks serves the University of the West Indies in a number of capacities, including on the Senate, the Open Campus Council and the Appointments Committee. She also represents the UWI at the regional level on the CARICOM Working Group for Early Childhood, and serves on many boards, agencies and committees in Jamaica.

Key Publications