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What the experts say

Featured below are expert opinions and ideas backed by solid research in the field of early childhood development. Hear what professionals from the field of ECD say about the several issues related to early childhood development.

This talk was presented by Professor Lia Fernald as part of the National Academy of Sciences Sackler Colloquium Biological Embedding of Early Social Adversity: From Fruit Flies to Kindergartener held... Read More

The Brookings Institute video emphasises the importance of investing in Early Childhood Development (ECD).ECD spans from the moment of conception until the beginning of primary school, and includes physical... Read More

As part of the HEART Talks Series, Prof. Sally Grantham-McGregor discusses the importance of early childhood development. She argues that the main reasons for a child not reaching his or her full potential... Read More

Produced by The Ounce, this video from their 7th Annual Luncheon, reflects how home visiting and quality center-based early care can help parents and children lead more successful lives.