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What the experts say

Featured below are expert opinions and ideas backed by solid research in the field of early childhood development. Hear what professionals from the field of ECD say about the several issues related to early childhood development.

Steering committee member Professor Ted Wachs, along with a group of researchers reviewed nutritional, neuroscientific, and psychological evidence on the sensitive period of a child's development. Evidence... Read More

Professor Maureen Black provides a brief personal account of her career as a Pediatric Psychologist addressing aspects of the field that have been central to her career, lessons learned as well as future... Read More

A group of researches, including two of our Steering Committee members, found that the impact of stunting (linear growth retardation) on development continues in the next generation of children. The study... Read More

In a recent study published by the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, potential psychosocial factors were examined as a risk factor for childhood asthma. According to the article “Asthma is one of... Read More