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What the experts say

Featured below are expert opinions and ideas backed by solid research in the field of early childhood development. Hear what professionals from the field of ECD say about the several issues related to early childhood development.

A special section of the November 2016 International Journal of Behavioral Development has been published focusing on the nature of pathways underlying the impact of poverty on developmental inequality of ... Read More

Understanding the structure of working memory is imperative to developing interventions for child with poor working memory. A study conducted by Dr. Shelley Gary of the Arizona State University, tested four... Read More

Research shows that imagination and unstructured playtime are important to a child’s intellectual development. The California-based Child Development Institute reports that the best toys inspire imagination... Read More

Approximately half of the children in India are stunted. Stunting within this population is due to three primary issues; lack of education about nutrition, financial constraints of the child's mother or... Read More