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The Lancet Series

The Steering Committee of the Global Child Development Group led the group of researchers and policy makers that authored the series ‘Child Development in Developing Countries’ in The Lancet (January,2007 and September, 2011). The first Series provides evidence indicating that over 200 million children across the globe under age 5 are exposed to multiple risk factors in deprived environments, thwarting the possibility of reaching their developmental potential. Within this context, effective intervention programs that are feasible to be implemented in developing nations, can play a crucial role in enhancing early childhood development.Four years after the first Series, the challenge of supporting 200 million children under five years to reach their developmental potential remains. A new Series of two papers and a Comment now documents progress worldwide. The second Series aims to identify gaps in implementation and coverage of interventions, calculate the economic costs of missed investment in early learning programmes, and present new evidence on the causes and effects of developmental inequities in early childhood.

Lake, A, (2011). Early childhood development – global action is overdue.The Lancet, Vol. 378 (9799),1277 – 1278, doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(11)61450-5. Published Online: 23 September 2011.

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Jolly, R. (2007). Early childhood development: the global challenge. The Lancet, 369 (Jan),8-9.

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