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Global Child Development Group members contribute to linking ECD to policy decisions in developing countries

An invited conference on linking research evidence on early child development in low and middle income countries to policy decisions impacting on children and families in these countries was held in February at the Rockefeller Foundation Conference Center in Bellagio, Italy. The conference was jointly sponsored by UNICEF and the Society for Research in Child Development. Five members of the Global Child Development Group were among the 23 participants in the conference. Patrice Engle was a co-organizer of the conference and presented a situation analysis of the status of young children in the developing world. Ted Wachs presented a paper on the nature and impact of risk and protective influences encountered by young children in developing countries. Chloe O’Gara presented a paper on educational approaches to early child development in low and middle income countries. Mary Young presented a paper on the science of implementation of early child development interventions. Nurper Ulkuer co-authored a summary paper. The papers presented at this conference will be published as a book to come out within the next year.
Information on this volume will be provided on this website as details become available.