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Conference Presentations

This section presents abstracts of presentations made at conferences/meetings by group members.

Patrice Engle et al.
Presented at Society for Research In Child Development, March 31-April 2, 2011, Montreal, Canada.

The Caribbean Child Development Centre (CCDC), with UNESCO’s support, is undertaking a series of activities aimed at strengthening Early Childhood Development (ECD) in the region. ECD professionals are... Read More

Presented by Prof. Maureen Black at ‘Clean,Fed and Nurtured: Joining Forces to Promote Child Growth and Development’, organised by Alive and Thrive at Washington D.C, 2-3 May, 2013

Alive & Thrive... Read More

Presented by Prof. Susan Walker at The Dudley Grant Memorial Trust’s Early Childhood Conference :‘Early Childhood Development for nation building in Jamaica: Retrospective and Prospective’ on 25-26 th March... Read More