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Brookings Blog on Early Childhood Development

In a series of blog posts, experts from Brookings and elsewhere discuss the important benefits of scaling up, sustaining quality, and financing early childhood development throughout the developing world.

Indicators of family care for development for use in multicountry surveys.

Family Care

Researchers Kariger Patricia, Frongillo EA, Engle P, Britto PM, Sywulka SM and Menon P.report on a project aimed to develop indicators from a set of items, measuring family care practices and resources important for caregiving, for use in epidemiologic surveys in developing countries.This project provided, for the first time, a globally-relevant set of items for assessing family care practices and resources in epidemiological surveys. These items have multiple uses, including national monitoring and cross-country comparisons of the status of family care for development used globally.



Grand Challenges Canada has developed the Saving Brains program, which promotes the fulfillment of human capital potential by focusing on interventions that nurture and protect early brain development in the first 1,000 days of life. Do you have a bold idea? The Grand Challenges, Canada Saving Brains is now open and is accepting applications.

Shaping the Developing Brain: Prenatal through Early Childhood. Fifth Annual Aspen Brain Forum November 11 – 13, 2014 The New York Academy of Sciences

This 2.5-day conference will convene leading researchers with expertise in the fundamental stages of early brain development, and will focus on the connection between research and improved outcomes for children. Conference speakers will present the latest discoveries from cognitive neuroscience and experimental psychology regarding typical and atypical development of human learning and memory, emotion, and social behavior in the first few years of life.

Special Topic meetings being organised by Society for Research in Child Development

In response to great demand for smaller, more focused topical meetings that were  well received in the past, additional meetings by the Society for Research in Child Development are planned for 2014. Special topic meetings are much smaller (around 300 attendees each) and more focused than the biennial meeting. They typically run from Thursday morning through Saturday noon. They are structured to maximize opportunities for interactions among attendees and early career scholars.

Caribbean Child Research Conference, Kingston, Jamaica

The Caribbean Child Research Conference is a regional interdisciplinary conference covering a range of child-related themes. It aims to share research on children, strengthen the network of researchers on children’s issues and encourages research both in priority areas and in other important but neglected areas.

The Bernard van Leer Foundation Webinar on Responsive Parenting

The Bernard van Leer Foundation hosted a webinar on responsive parenting on 10th July,2014. Three authors from the latest edition of Early Childhood Matters – Jennifer Lansford (the Better Parenting Programme in Jordan), Adrienne Burgess (Reaching out to fathers: ‘what works’ in parenting interventions?) and Catherine Ward (Parenting for Lifelong Health: from South Africa to other low-and middle-income countries) – presented their articles in this hour-long webinar, which included an audience question and answer session.