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Nearly 87 million children under seven have known nothing but conflict: UNICEF

Approximately 87 million children across the world under the age of 7 have lived in conflict since birth. These years are imperative for healthy brain development. During the first seven years of life, a child's brain has the potential to activate 1,000 brain cells every second, UNICEF said. Each one of those cells, known as neurons, has the power to connect to another 10,000 neurons thousands of times per second. Brain connections serve as the building blocks of a child's future, defining their health, emotional well-being and ability to learn,  reports UNICEF.

UNICEF continues to put in place initiatives to help support children living in conflict and war zones and to date has provided support for 800,000 children in the past year alone.

To learn how you can offer support and to find out more about the interventions being used read the full article by clicking on the link below.