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Millennium Development Goals: Impact on child mortality and maternal health

The Guardian posted an article reviewing millennium goals number 4 and 5 which address global issues of child mortality and maternal health. Since the inception of the goals 15 years ago substantial strides have been made. Specific targets were set for each individual goal. Child mortality was expected to be reduced by 2/3's at the end of 2015, while maternal health, described as the reduction of maternal mortality, to be reduced by 3/4's. In a recent review but the UN neither goal is on track. Child mortality has been reduced by 50% since 1990, however it is estimated that to reach the goal set in the MDGs it would take till 2028. Maternal Health was expected to be reduced by 75% by the end of this year but is estimated to have a 45% reduction globally. According to the World Development Bank, of the eight millennium development goals, the one on maternal health has made the least progress. 

The sustainable development goals, set to replace the MDGs next year, will aim to resolve the unfinished business of the maternal and child health MDGs and drive further progress. The three health-related MDGs, which focus on child health, maternal health and diseases, will merge into one sustainable development goal to “ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages”.