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Immunization Data Platform for Developing Countries

Phillips and Gavi, the vaccine alliance, are partnering to improve the quality of immunization data and its collection in primary and community healthcare. They will be piloting the project in Uganda. The goal of the partnership is to gather accurate data which both organizations believe is essential to improve patient outcomes, access to care and reduce costs. Good data is key to strengthening health systems. 

At the end of September representatives from Philips and Gavi will meet in Uganda, alongside colleagues from the ministry of health, and other health stakeholders, including university researchers. This co-creation meeting will prioritize data challenges and processes for the country, and draw up a transformation plan. After this plan has been developed, around the end of the year, the Ugandan government will assess how to implement it. Philips and Gavi will then consider how to roll out the process in other countries, based on what they have learnt from this experience.