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HIV Prevention Drugs Harmful to Child's Development

A recent study conducted at Harvard University found that the drugs given to HIV positive women to stop the transmission of the virus to the child could in fact affect the child’s development whether the child is born with the virus or not. 

The study compared the findings of two groups of children. The first group consisted of 167 HIV positive women who had been administered with the particular drug during their pregnancy and the second group consisted 750 women who did not recieve the drug during their pregnancy. Each child's development was then observed over the course of one year. 

At the end of the year, researchers found out that for those mothers who are given the drug during their pregnancy, social-emotional and language development scores were lower in their children in comparison to those children whose mothers were not given the drug during their pregnancy.These delays were observed regarless of the trimester that the drugs were administered. 

To read more about the study please click the link below.