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Cognitive deficit and poverty in the first 5 years of childhood in Bangladesh

Steering committee member of the GCDG, Prof. Grantham-McGregor with researchers Hamadani JD, Tofail F, Huda SN, Alam DS, Ridout DA, Attanasio O aimed to determine the timing and size of the cognitive deficit associated with poverty in the first 5 years of life and to examine the role of parental characteristics, pre- and postnatal growth, and stimulation in the home in Bangladeshi children. They hypothesized that the effect of poverty on cognition begins in infancy and is mainly mediated by these factors. The study concluded that the effects of poverty on children’s cognition are mostly mediated through parental education, birth size, growth in the first 24 months, and home stimulation in the first 5 years.