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Parent-Led Autism Therapy Programme Designed Specifically for Developing Countries

According to researchers, developed nations have funds to cure autism, but the mental disease is rapidly growing in developing countries since parents in these countries don’t earn enough to receive specialist treatment. Thus, the condition in developing nations is worsening and the new therapy can do wonders, says study authors.The new therapy named PASS (parent-mediated intervention for autism spectrum disorder in south Asia)  adopted from leading UK therapy method known as PACT, improves interaction between parents and their autistic child. To test the effect of therapy, UK researchers conducted trials over 65 autistic kids in Goa. After twelve week period, children were able to communicate better with their parents.

“This study is the first to have adapted a treatment so as to allow it to be delivered by non-specialist health workers in south Asian communities.... It has been outstandingly successful in showing that such adaptation is both possible and can produce changes that are equal or even better that we achieved in UK,” reported the researchers.




Release Date: 
Tuesday, December 22, 2015