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Influencing Policy

Research carried out by the Global Child Development Group and other bodies concerning early childhood issues around the world.

As the United Nations drafts their latest development agenda, the International Labor Organization (ILO) is urging them to include greater social care for mothers and children. The statistic reported by the... Read More

Benard Leer Fondation Report

The Bernard Van Leer Foundation released their Annual Report for 2014. The foundation approaches the half-way point of its ten-year strategic plan. The report shares facts, figures, lessons learned and... Read More

SABER-Early Childhood Development (ECD) collects, synthesizes, and disseminates comprehensive information on ECD policies and programs across different systems. SABER-ECD analyzes data from each... Read More

The Center on the Developing Child at the Harvard University’s InBrief Series provides brief summaries of recent scientific presentations and research on the science of early childhood development and early... Read More