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Featured Publications

Here you will find many publications focusing on early childhood matters found in a many countries. The publications are of studies done by the Global Child Development Group, Bernard van Leer Foundation and many others from around the world.

As 20th November, 2014 marks the Universal Children’s day, we feature the IDB blog article that indeed is the best gift for this day. Kate Anderson and Abbie Raikes report on the initiative by the UNESCO... Read More

SABER-Early Childhood Development (ECD) collects, synthesizes, and disseminates comprehensive information on ECD policies and programs across different systems. SABER-ECD analyzes data from each... Read More

Researcher Helen Baker-Henningham  opines that there is growing evidence that early childhood education (ECE) interventions can reduce the loss of developmental potential of disadvantaged children in low-... Read More

Researchers Maureen Black and Kristen Hurley in a comment in The Lancet (June, 2014) present a discussion focusing on the importance of investing in early childhood development and the role of the... Read More