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Featured Publications

Here you will find many publications focusing on early childhood matters found in a many countries. The publications are of studies done by the Global Child Development Group, Bernard van Leer Foundation and many others from around the world.

Inter-American Development Bank’s Lead Economist in Social Protection, María Caridad Araujo highlights the factors influencing quality and the trade-off between early childhood development outcomes and... Read More

This World Bank Study by Rebecca K. Sayre, Amanda E. Devercelli, Michelle J. Neuman  and Quentin Wodon provides an overview of World Bank investments in Early Childhood Development (ECD) from 2000-2013... Read More

The recently released ‘World Development Report 2015: Mind Society and Behaviour’ published by the World Bank Group highlights that children in poor families can differ... Read More

The recent IDB blog features an initiative from Bolivia, designed to address chronic malnutrition in children aged 0-5 years, that uses puppets to educate parents on the importance of nutrition for children... Read More