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Featured Publications

Here you will find many publications focusing on early childhood matters found in a many countries. The publications are of studies done by the Global Child Development Group, Bernard van Leer Foundation and many others from around the world.

A recent article posted on Discovery News website discussed recent findings that a mothers diet at conception can alter the baby's DNA and have long term effects. The study focused on women in the rural... Read More

Benard Leer Fondation Report

The Bernard Van Leer Foundation released their Annual Report for 2014. The foundation approaches the half-way point of its ten-year strategic plan. The report shares facts, figures, lessons learned and... Read More

The Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally announced the release of their report, Financing Investments in Young Children Globally: Workshop Summary. The report summarizes the workshop held August 26... Read More

In a series of blog posts, experts from Brookings and elsewhere discuss the important benefits of scaling up, sustaining quality, and financing early childhood development throughout the developing world... Read More