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Featured Publications

Here you will find many publications focusing on early childhood matters found in a many countries. The publications are of studies done by the Global Child Development Group, Bernard van Leer Foundation and many others from around the world.

UNICEF released its Progress for Children report today
The report uses the latest available data to show not only where global and regional gains have been exceptional and gaps have narrowed, but also... Read More

There has been an on-going debate over the effects of gadgets from a young age on the child's development. With this being the age of the internet, cell phones and tablets, more and more research is being... Read More

Perinatal depression is known to have lasting effects on child development. Sadly, maternal depression interventions have not been shown to have lasting effects on child development and evidence is not... Read More

New research, published on May 26 in the online edition of JAMA Pediatrics, suggests that delayed clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord at birth may have beneficial effects for infants, particularly... Read More